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Get started with a Professional Brand Profile

Get noticed in the industry with professional identity design and brand roll-out for your products, services or business.

Let us create a polished logo and brand that is uniquely your business.

A good brand profile is what sets you apart and helps you stand out from the rest. Look professional and build your business brand with our team of experts. If you are starting a new business — or you have a business that is just looking a little "scattered" right now — we can help you develop a consistent, professional look.

We work with our clients to develop desirable brand identities that are memorable.

Business marketing is ultimately all about two things: getting noticed and making sure you make a great impression so that you can gain and retain customers. That’s why it is important to have a strong and professional team looking after your brand and graphic design needs for your business cards and other marketing materials. We are much more than a printing and shipping business.

As part of our Introductory Consultation - for startups and new businesses, we can also help you brainstorm names for a new start-up, design a logo for your business, and then create professional-looking materials — everything from brochures and rack cards to websites, signs and banners. We can help develop and promote your brand.

Here’s a look at some of the tools we offer to help your business succeed:

Graphic Design Expertise

Graphic design can be a time sink for small business owners and leaders of organisations. If you have mastered a profession, or are an ace at sales or customer service, sitting down to try to come up with a flyer design, business card design or a brochure design may take far too much of your time. We talk to clients who spent hours, even days, working to create an okay-looking poster design, and who are amazed at how quickly their ideas can be brought to fruition with a little bit of graphic design assistance. We’re experts at taking your ideas and creating professional-looking documents.

Graphic Design Consulting

We can also help develop a visual identity for your business or organisation. We work with clients to understand their personalities, goals, and their target audiences, and then we craft logo designs, flyer designs, brochure designs, business card designs and banner designs that communicate the essence of your brand. We can also give you ideas for other ways to promote your brand. For instance, a farmer’s market could benefit from a wall calendar showcasing which seasonal foods are available during different months, complete with a few favourite recipes for using the seasons bounty. An electrician or plumber may benefit from a simple refrigerator magnet. A caterer may want a vehicle wrap that turns her van into a billboard for her business.

To put our graphic design expertise to work for your business simply get in touch with us today.

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