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Introducing a new space in De-Fi - @privacyswap v2

Hi guys,

I am so glad to be able to share with you this new (they have launched since APR but to me it is still relatively new), De-Fi platform called -

This is a short intro extracted from their website:

We are PrivacySwap - a yield farming ecosystem built on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC) by a group of cybersecurity professionals. We have evolved to become the first digital assets web3 wallet oracle and aggregator for all DeFi projects, combining on-chain data with traditional off-chain services. With blockchain and cryptocurrency being acknowledged as the way forward, along with the uprising of DeFi and decentralized ecosystems, PrivacySwap aims to insert a layer of privacy protection to bolster the security and integrity of not only DeFi and blockchain, but cyberspace in general.

So personally, I have been with them for over 3-4 months and I am very impressed with the team, developers and the community. In terms of products, what drew me to their platform is the fact that they had the ambition to develop their own Crypto Debit card. Yes, I know there are quite a lot of Crypto Debit cards in the market - one that I have and use is the one.

I will write more about CRO's debit card as well on a different article but here is my referral link - and we BOTH WIN ($25 each when you sign up) so I'd appreciate it and you can always reach out if you have any questions.

Back to PRV ( - they have an extensive road map which is very ambitious but I think very achievable as well. Here is a snap shot of their plans.

But what is getting VERY EXCITING now is that they are moving into their layer 2 - which they have coined The Great Migration - which is the change from PRV which is the original coin into 2 (TWO) new coins! YES, 2 coins. the PRV2 and the PRVG tokens.

So PRV2 is the yield farming coin and PRVG is the governance token. For more information on the PRVG - Governance token you can read more here.

PRV2 is where all the action will be - this is the yield farming token - I will try to write an article on yield farming and how you can earn a passive income using your existing crypto assets.

As of writing this article, we are at the Swapping 1st phase and going into the Pre-sale phase. So I will keep you updated on how things go.



Disclaimer: These are all just my personal views and individual experiences and is not financial advise. Please do your own research.


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