Whether you're starting a new business or taking an extended vacation, OPBC has mailbox solutions to suit everyone!

Professional Suite Number with a real street address instead of a generic PO Box Number. Create a professional impression by placing your company and/or personal mailing address and contact details on all your marketing materials including website, business cards, brochures and letterheads.

Mail Security

A Suite number is physically located inside our office. It is locked and accessible only if you have the key. We only operate during business hours and have a monitored alarm. Mail stored in your postal box is also more secure compared to mail inside your mailbox at home because mail is often left out in the open for opportunistic thieves to steal.


Other Services and Fees

Mail & Package Forwarding Service
Forward mail and packages to as many different addresses as you like, anywhere in any part of the world, and when you want.

$5.00 per arrangement + Postage Cost (Shipping fees will apply)

Mail Scanning Services
When you receive Mail that requires your immediate attention, request a SCAN and view a PDF of the mail content in your Digital Mailbox in hours.

First Page - $2.00 Additional Pages - $0.50 per page

Physical Mailboxes Additional Incoming Mail/Parcel

200 Free Incoming Mailing/Parcel per month. Additional $1.00 per item

Virtual Mailboxes Additional Incoming Mail/Parcel

20 Free Incoming Mailing/Parcel per month. Additional $1.00 per item